Texas Ice Storm 2011, Subzero Texas 2021 – Frozen Texas Government

Let’s recap some basic facts:

  • Texas’ state government is Republican and has been for a long time. Most importantly, the state has been staunchly conservative for decades. (Party labels are not helpful here, as they have shifted in the past. This is established fact and means that, for example, you don’t get to tie today’s Democratic Party to the southern conservative states’ votes in favor of slavery. That pig will not fly here)
  • Texas’ state energy grid is independent of the rest of the nation. 90% of the state relies on this grid
  • Texas’ state energy grid is designed to rely on natural gas during the winter
  • Texas’ wind turbines were never winterized and experienced some failures. However, there’s this to consider – some turbines were able to get back online and help restore power this week:
Actual data on actual wind turbine performance

So, obviously…

It’s the liberal’s fault. It’s Biden’s fault. It’s the non-winterized, frozen wind turbines that caused all this. It’s the green energy agenda that should be blamed.

Yeah. Right.

Let’s call out the GQP “talking points” for what they really are…
Antarctic wind turbines. Yeah, that’s a thing

Here’s a link to an excellent bit of blogging at Flying Penguin that was originally written during the 2011 Ice Storm and has been updated during SubZero 2021. The writer makes some great points about the governmental non-response to these events, as well as some intriguing observations about what might be happening between the state and Big Energy interests. I think he cuts through the crap pretty effectively…

Ice Virus Hits Hard In Texas (Updated 2021)